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The thought of starting Yoga can be a daunting one. But with the Hatha Yoga Video Series, that thought becomes quite a bit easier to imagine.

This is a daily, instructional Hatha Yoga Program that you download in minutes, so you can learn and practice from your own home. Feel comfortable working towards your own ability, within your own haven.

Hatha Yoga Video Series for Beginner will guide you along 55+ minutes of various yoga positions and exercises, just like a typical yoga class would do. We provide comprehensive set of video modules that take you step-by-step, second by second, through every single movement, so you understand how to control and work your muscles, whilst staying safe and calm.
In every video you'll uncover the path to personal freedom through an enriched understanding of the principles and practice of the specific style of Hatha yoga that is right for you.

Now is your time to balance, stretch, and strengthen your whole body!



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